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Day One: July 21 Keynote

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Tara renze

Emotional intelligence practitioner, entrepreneur, speaker, blogger, & thought leader

Are you ready to reconnect, rebuild and rise? Tara Renze will inspire you to unplug, engage, connect and invest in you during the Summit.


Heather justine stolte

Life Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Do you know why discovering your life’s purpose brings value to every facet of your life? Heather will help guide you to uncovering your life's purpose and growing in leadership — personally & professionally.

Nicole Walters

Nicole Walters is on a mission to inspire people to not only live better lives, but also leave a legacy. Known as the coach you need in your business and life; she is adept at identifying ways to turn influence into income and popularity into profits. Whether on her top-rated business podcast or when she’s dropping gems from the event stage, Walters champions the long-term payoff of intentionally pursuing purpose.

Serving your purpose & building your Legacy!

In this dynamic session, Nicole will empower, inspire and entertain with actionable strategies to build your legacy with clarity and focus- without compromising your desire to serve your clients, team, and community.

Day Two: July 22 Keynote

Leading United

In an ever-changing world, leveraging diversity is crucial to growth – personally and professionally.  From diversity of thought to diversity of race or gender, we are at a critical time in business and in society where we must learn to live, work and thrive with those who are – or think – differently than we do. Join us for a powerful fireside chat with professionals who are leading the way in our conversations about diversity today.


michelle P. Wimes
Chief Diversity and Professional Development Officer, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.


Tricia rojo Bushnell
Executive Director, Midwest Innocence Project


nicole Price
Speaker, Trainer, Leadership Consultant


Wesley Hamilton
Entrepreneur, Influencer, Athlete, Netflix's Queer Eye Hero


Suba Nadarajah
Global Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, VMLY&R

Day Three: July 23 Keynote

Alana Muller
Pursue your vision: The coffee Lunch Coffee approach

Join Master Networker and founder of Coffee Lunch Coffee, Alana Muller, for a conversational and informative discussion about identifying and living your life’s purpose.  Expect to leave the session with a better sense of your core values, your personal mission statement, and a plan of action for bringing your vision to fruition.

Breakout Speakers

Meet our dynamic lineup of breakout speakers! Stay tuned for topics and more info.

Hailee Bland-Walsh324
Hailee Bland-Walsh
Balance is Bullsh*t 

We live in a world obsessed with the belief that life fulfillment and personal achievement comes from the illusion of balance. Maintaining the lie of perfectionism requires a constant calibration of work and life which keeps us playing small and totally exhausted. You know what you can't be when you're afraid and depleted? A badass! It's time to shout, "balance is bullshit" and move out of a perfection paradigm into an alignment mindset. Together we can blow up the bullshit fear-based system and become the best versions of perfectly imperfect selves.


Kori Carew
it's not You: navigating bias & conflict at work

Women constantly receive the messages that if they did things differently, their work and personal experiences would be different. We are told to Lean In, Lean Out, speak out, conform and our organizations roll out “fix the women” programs. And guess what? These approaches haven’t worked because the problem is the workplace, not you. Together we will unpack the gender bias patterns at work, the intersection of cultural fluency, why women have conflict at work, and what we can do about it with actionable strategies. Join us for an inspirational, engaging, interactive and powerful session that gives women back their power.



Jill Marchant
It is p-o-s-s-i-b-L-e

What is your Formula for Success?  Jill Marchant, Hallmark’s Chief Legal Officer, will share her formula for success, proving that it is P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E!  In this session, you will gain insights to help you define your own success, and learn the framework to hold yourself accountable for achieving it, all based on seven tried and true principals. 

Jill’s career is a story of personal disruption and risk taking.  She’s thrived in male dominated fields and she’s an executive who is also a mother, and a person for whom work won't ever come first.


Kara Hanak
  • Chief Inspiration Officer and Founding Partner, Alated
  • Certified Brené Brown Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator
  • Author
Embrace your story.  Define your ending.

Learn how you can employ Brené Brown’s courageous skill sets to lead wholeheartedly and be more resilient as you encounter challenges along your leadership journey. This session will pinpoint barriers to courage and identify steps to overcome those barriers. Participants will learn resilience tools to employ everywhere from the boardroom to the living room. Because only by embracing your story and practicing your skills, can you design your ending. This session will be facilitated by Kara Hanak, a Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator.


Nicole Walters
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Coach
Breakout: Be Purposeful & Profitable: Knowing Your Worth!

In this breakout session, industry expert Nicole Walters will connect with attendees to troubleshoot, target and solve the biggest obstacles preventing you from getting paid what you’re worth — from imposter syndrome to sales objections — this roundtable style discussion leaves attendees with tools that work!


Robin Sterneck
  • Leadership Consultant
  • Former Senior Investment Banker
  • Seasoned Board Director
Denise Mills
  • Chief Mindset Offer, LeaderFuel Now
  • Leadership Development
  • Speaker, Strategist & Facilitator
the new language of leadership

Are you looking for new ways to stand out and enhance your leadership skills? Are you finding yourself using outdated leadership techniques? Are your teams actively engaged in your company’s vision?

Become the leader who motivates, engages, elicits action and looks to the future. In this session, learn communication tools and strategies to set you apart from your peers and other leaders. In an ever-changing world, not leaning into the future now is a prescription for stagnation.  Walk away with specific approaches to enhance your leadership skills, motivate your teams and get you noticed.  Discover the New Language of Leadership#LOL:LanguageofLeadership


Joni Lindquist
Joni Lindquist, MBA, CFP
  • Principal, Aspyre Wealth Partners
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Executive, Operational & Strategic Leader
Jessi Chadd, MSFS, CFP, CeFT
  • Principal, Asypre Wealth Partners
  • Certified Financial Transitionist
  • Executive Leader & Wealth Manager
Leading During Crisis : How to Survive and Thrive

Resiliency is defined as having the ability to bounce back. To cope during crisis – both mentally and emotionally. Two of Aspyre Wealth’s principals,  Joni Lindquist, MBA, CFP, and Jessi Chadd, MSFS, CFP, CeFT, share their insights, tips and strategies on how we can improve our leadership resiliency and thrive during these challenging times. By understanding the stages of transitions and applying emotional intelligence, this breakout teaches mental processes and behaviors to promote your personal assets and protect yourself from the potential negative side effects of stressors.


Moderator: Michele Markey
  • Interim CEO, SkillPath
  • Official Member, Forbes Human Resources Council
  • Author of SheVenture; Success Strategies for Female Entrepreneurs

kortney Clark

Vice President of Training Operation, SkillPath


Serina Heikes

Scheduling Coordinator, SkillPath


mike Fowler

Multimedia Supervisor, SkillPath

Pushing past Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is real…and it can be debilitating. It can impact your performance, hold you back from achieving your career goals — or sabotage your career altogether. If you’ve ever had the overwhelming fear of not being as smart or as talented as other people “think” — or that you’ll be discovered as a “fraud” — help is on the way with Pushing Past Imposter Syndrome.


Daniel Oblinger, Wichita Police Department
Dan Oblinger
  • Police Hostage and Crisis Negotiator
  • Business Consultant championing listening & negotiation
  • International Keynote Speaker
make deals and listen like a hostage negotiator

Want to make deals like a professional?  Want to bargain better and get what you want from someone without sacrificing the relationship?  Ever wondered what it would be like to have a hostage negotiator back you up when a critical conversation ambushes you?  This is your chance!  Join this intensive hybrid session for an unscripted demonstration of active listening, conflict resolution, and negotiation techniques that will add value to your professional and personal life.


Bonus Content: 

Meditation with Suba Nadarajah

Breath Work with Alex McAndereson

Desk Feng Shui with Robyn Stevens

Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart with Kara Hanak

Bring your 20/20 vision to life on 7/21-7/23.